This is the bibliography containing the literature references for the implemented methods referenced from the Gammapy docs.

The best reference to TeV data analysis is Chapter 7 of Mathieu de Naurois’s habilitation thesis.

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Software references:

[Raue2012]Raue (2012), “PyFACT: Python and FITS analysis for Cherenkov telescopes”
[Robitaille2013]Robitaille et al. (2013) “Astropy: A community Python package for astronomy”
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[Mayer2015]Michael Mayer (2015) “Pulsar wind nebulae at high energies”


[CSV]comma-separated values; see also CSV.
[MET]mission elapsed time; see also Mission elapsed times (MET) in Time handling in Gammapy.
[RST]restructured text; the markup format used for documentation and docstrings. See here and here.

Other useful packages

In addition to the packages mentioned in the last section and at Dependencies, here’s a few other Python packages you might find useful / interesting: