Command line tools (gammapy.scripts)


Gammapy contains a bunch of command line tools, and we’ve started to add flask web apps for cases where a GUI makes sense.

Note that these are all still very much work in progress, we haven’t settled on a very good scheme to organise the functionality, do argument and config handling, logging, integration with the high-level Sphinx docs, ...

So please use these tools and help us make them better: complain if something doesn’t work, file feature requests, ... on Github or the mailing list!


Here’s a list of available tools, grouped by category.


  • gammapy-info calls
  • gammapy-test calls gammapy.scripts.check (TODO: merge with gammapy-info?)


  • gammapy-data-browse (web GUI tool) calls gammapy.scripts.data_browser
  • gammapy-data-manage calls gammapy.scripts.data_manage
  • gammapy-data-select calls gammapy.scripts.data_select
  • gammapy-data-show calls gammapy.scripts.data_show


  • gammapy-spectrum calls gammapy.spectrum.spectrum_analysis
  • gammapy-spectrum-pipe runs gammapy.scripts.SpectrumPipe


  • gammapy-image-bin calls gammapy.scripts.image_bin
  • gammapy-image-fit calls gammapy.scripts.image_fit
  • gammapy-image-model calls gammapy.scripts.image_model
  • gammapy-image-model-sherpa calls gammapy.scripts.image_model_sherpa
  • gammapy-image-pipe uses gammapy.scripts.ImageAnalysis
  • gammapy-image-residual calls gammapy.scripts.image_residual
  • gammapy-image-significance calls gammapy.scripts.image_significance
  • gammapy-image-ts calls gammapy.scripts.image_ts


  • gammapy-cube-background calls gammapy.scripts.cube_background
  • gammapy-cube-bin calls gammapy.scripts.cube_bin


  • gammapy-detect calls gammapy.scripts.detect
  • gammapy-detect-iterative calls gammapy.scripts.detect_iterative


  • gammapy-catalog-browse (web GUI tool) calls gammapy.scripts.catalog_browser (TODO: list in the API docs)
  • gammapy-catalog-query calls gammapy.scripts.catalog_query

Technical background

The Gammapy command line tools and web apps use the setuptools entry points method to automatically create command line tools when Gammapy is installed.

This means that to be able to use the tools you have to install Gammapy:

$ pip install --user .

This will install the gammapy-* wrappers in a bin folder that you need to add to your $PATH, which will then call into the appropriate function in the Gammapy package.

For Gammapy development we recommend you run this command so that you can edit Gammapy and the tools and don’t have to re-install after every change.

$ pip install --user --editable .

Most of the command line tools are implemented in the gammapy.scripts sub-package as thin wrappers around functionality that’s implemented in the Gammapy package as re-usable functions and classes. In most cases all the command line tool main function does is argument passing and setting up logging.

If you’d like to write your own command line tool that uses Gammapy functionality, you don’t need to know about this or implement it in Gammapy source tree or install it into site-packages. Just write a file and import the Gammapy functions, classes you need.


gammapy.scripts Package

Gammapy command line and GUI tools.


create_bg_observation_list(indir, outdir, ...) Make total observation list and filter the observations.
data_select_main([args]) Main function for argument parsing.
group_observations(outdir, overwrite, test) Group list of observations runs according to observation properties.
make_bg_cube_models(indir, outdir[, ...]) Create background cube models from the complete dataset of an experiment.
make_counts_cube(event_file, reference_file, ...) Bin events into a LON-LAT-Energy cube.
make_counts_image(event_file, ...) Bin events into an image.
print_info([version, tools, dependencies]) Print various info on Gammapy to the console.
run_image_fit_sherpa(counts, exposure, ...) Fit the morphology of a number of sources.
run_image_model_sherpa(exposure, psf, ...) Compute source model image with Sherpa.
run_image_ts(input_file, output_file, psf, ...) Compute source model residual images.
run_log_examples() Run some example code that generates log output.
run_tests(package) Run Gammapy tests.
stack_observations(indir, outdir, overwrite) Stack events for each observation group (bin) and make background model.


BgRateTable(energy_lo, energy_hi, data) Background rate table.
CTAIrf([aeff, edisp, psf, bkg]) CTA instrument response function container.
CTAObservationSimulation Simulate observation for one IRF and target.
CTAPerf([aeff, edisp, psf, bkg, sens, rmf]) CTA instrument response function container.
ObservationParameters([alpha, livetime, ...]) Container for observation parameters.
Psf68Table(energy_lo, energy_hi, data) Background rate table.
SensitivityTable(energy_lo, energy_hi, data) Sensitivity table.
SingleObsImageMaker(obs, empty_image, ...[, ...]) Compute images for one observation.
SpectrumAnalysisIACT(observations, config) High-level analysis class to perform a full 1D IACT spectral analysis.
StackedObsImageMaker([empty_image, ...]) Compute stacked images for many observations.
Target([name, model]) Observation target information.