gammapy.image.fitsfigure_add_psf_inset(ff, psf, box, linewidth=1, color='w', psf_position=(0, 0), **kwargs)[source]

Add PSF inset to FITSFigure instance.


ff : FITSFigure

FITSFigure instance.

psf :

PSF image.

box : tuple

(x, y, width, height) of the PSF inset in world coordinates.

linewidth : float

Linewidth of the PSF inset frame.

color : str

Color of the PSF inset frame.

psf_position : tuple

(x, y) position of the psf in in the psf image in pixel coordinates.

kwargs : dict

Further arguments passed to imshow.


psf : Axes

PSF Axes instance, can be used for further plotting.