Morphology models (gammapy.image.models)


gammapy.image.models contains implementations of common morphology models.

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Getting Started

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gammapy.image.models Package

Morphology models.


gaussian_sum_moments(F, sigma, x, y, cov_matrix) Compute image moments with uncertainties for sum of Gaussians.


Delta2D(amplitude, x_0, y_0, **constraints) Two dimensional delta function .
Gauss2DPDF([sigma]) 2D symmetric Gaussian PDF.
Gaussian2D([amplitude, x_mean, y_mean, …]) Two-dimensional Gaussian model.
MultiGauss2D(sigmas[, norms]) Sum of multiple 2D Gaussians.
Shell2D(amplitude, x_0, y_0, r_in[, width, …]) Projected homogeneous radiating shell model.
SkyDisk2D(lon_0, lat_0, r_0) Constant radial disk model.
SkyGaussian2D(lon_0, lat_0, sigma) Two-dimensional symmetric Gaussian model.
SkyPointSource(lon_0, lat_0) Point Source.
SkyShell2D(lon_0, lat_0, r_i, r_o) Shell model
SkySpatialModel SkySpatial model base class.
SkyTemplate2D(image) Two dimensional table model.
Sphere2D(amplitude, x_0, y_0, r_0[, normed]) Projected homogeneous radiating sphere model.
Template2D(image[, amplitude, frame]) Two dimensional table model.