Time handling and analysis (gammapy.time)


gammapy.time contains methods for timing analysis.

TODO: explain gammapy.utils.time and why it’s separate.

At the moment there isn’t a lot of functionality yet … contributions welcome!

Getting Started


The LightCurve class can be used to read a lightcurve and plot it:

>>> from gammapy.time import LightCurve
>>> lc = LightCurve.simulate_example()
>>> lc.plot()

(png, hires.png, pdf)


Here’s how to compute some summary statistics for the lightcurve:

>>> lc['FLUX'].mean()
<Quantity 5.25 1 / (cm2 s)>

TODO: please help extend the functionality and examples for LightCurve!

Variability test

The exptest function can be used to compute the significance of variability (compared to the null hypothesis of constant rate) for a list of event time differences.

Here’s an example how to use the random_times helper function to simulate a TimeDelta array for a given constant rate and use exptest to assess the level of variability (0.11 sigma in this case, not variable):

>>> from astropy.units import Quantity
>>> from gammapy.time import random_times, exptest
>>> rate = Quantity(10, 'Hz')
>>> time_delta = random_times(size=100, rate=rate, return_diff=True, random_state=0)
>>> mr = exptest(time_delta)
>>> print(mr)

See examples/example_exptest.py for a longer example.

TODO: apply this to the 2FHL events and check which sources are variable as a nice example.

from gammapy.data import EventList
from gammapy.time import exptest
events = EventList.read('$GAMMAPY_EXTRA/datasets/fermi_2fhl/2fhl_events.fits.gz ', hdu='EVENTS')
# TODO: cone select events for 2FHL catalog sources, compute mr for each and print 10 most variable sources


gammapy.time Package

Time-based analysis.


exptest(time_delta) Compute the level of variability for a certain period of time.
lomb_scargle(time, flux, flux_err, dt[, …]) Compute period and its false alarm probability of a light curve using Lomb-Scargle PSD.
plot_periodogram(time, flux, flux_err, …) Plot a light curve, its periodogram and spectral window function.
random_times(size, rate[, dead_time, …]) Make random times assuming a Poisson process.


LightCurve([data, masked, names, dtype, …]) LightCurve class.
LightCurveEstimator(spec_extract) Light curve estimator.