Check your setup#

You might want to display some info about Gammapy installed. You can execute the following command, and it should print detailed information about your installation to the terminal:

gammapy info

If there is some issue, the following commands could help you to figure out your setup:

conda info
which python
which ipython
which jupyter
which gammapy
env | grep PATH
python -c 'import gammapy; print(gammapy); print(gammapy.__version__)'

You can also use the following commands to check which conda environment is active and which ones you have set up:

conda info
conda env list

If you’re new to conda, you could also print out the conda cheat sheet, which lists the common commands to install packages and work with environments.

Install issues#

If you have problems and think you might not be using the right Python or importing Gammapy isn’t working or giving you the right version, checking your Python executable and import path might help you find the issue:

import sys

To check which Gammapy you are using you can use this:

import gammapy

Now you should be all set and to use Gammapy. Let’s move on to the Tutorials.


If you have any questions or issues, please ask for help on the Gammapy Slack, mailing list or on GitHub, see Gammapy contact.