0.19 (Nov 22nd, 2021)#


  • Released November 22, 2021

  • 19 contributors

  • 390 pull requests so far (not all listed below)

What’s new?#

Gammapy v0.19 comes with many new features, further unified API, bug fixes and improved performance. It provides a nearly complete API for the coming 1.0 release. API changes a relatively limited and concern mostly the gammapy.estimators subpackage. Its API has been unified and now heavily relies on the Map structure.

A wiki page containing specific information on the main API changes from v0.18.2 to v0.19 is available here.

Documentation has been significantly reorganized. In particular, the tutorials have been restructured into subfolders based of the type of treatment described. Tutorials are now presented in a nice gallery view format. Some tutorials have been removed because their objectives are too specific for the general documentation. To present these specific, possibly contributed examples, a new web page and repository has been created: gammapy.recipes. Please follow these instructions if you would like to contribute to the Gammapy recipes with your own.

Several additions were made to the gammapy.maps subpackage. A new Maps container has been introduced. It is a dict like structure that stores Map objects sharing the same geometry. It allows easy serialization and I/O to FITS for such objects. A MapAxes class, a container for MapAxis objects, has been introduced as well. It provides several convenience functionality to handle multiple non-spatial axes. This is especially useful after the addition of new axis type. So far, MapAxis only supports contiguous axes defined either through their edges or their centers. Non-contiguous axes types have been added. TimeMapAxis provides an axis for non-adjacent time intervals. Similarly, LabelMapAxis provides an axis for non-numeric entries.

The gammapy.estimators package has been largely restructured. All Estimator objects now share the same default options, in particular the full error and upper limit calculations are no longer calculated by default, but passing an option selection_optional parameter. The class FluxMaps has been introduced to provide a uniform scheme for the products of the Estimators. It uses the Map API as a common container for estimator results. Region based maps, RegionNDMap, are used to contain FluxPointsEstimator and LightCurveEstimator results and WCS based maps, WcsNDMap, for TSMapEstimator and ExcessMapEstimator. This provides many advantages. Internally, this reduce a lot the code duplication and remove unnecessary structures. For instance, the LightCurve class has been removed since all its functionalities are now supported by the FluxPoints, since they can carry a TimeMapAxis. The internal data model of high level products is therefore much more independent of the data formats defined outside gammapy. Some convenience methods have been introduced to support flux conversion from estimates based on a reference model and norm values into various fluxes as defined in gadf (namely dnde, e2dnde, flux or eflux). FluxMaps also allows simple serialization of the maps. Following this new scheme, a FluxProfileEstimator has been added.

The subpackage gammapy.datasets has been re-organized. Its API does not change significantly but it has been simplified internally. SpectrumDataset now inherits from MapDataset which removes a lot of code duplication. The APIs for the creation of both map and spectrum datasets are now similar and rely on Geom. IRFs can now be natively integrated or averaged over the region using a simple use_region_center parameter in the SpectrumDatasetMaker. Model evaluation is now possible on a RegionGeom thanks to the RegionGeom.wcs. Spatial models can now be evaluated using SpectrumDataset. These changes allow for a direct support of extended sources in 1D analysis. In addition, healpy support has been improved with the addition of a convolve method on the HpxNDMap (which relies on a local WCS projection) and improved I/O methods. Computation of npred on a MapDataset with a HpxGeom geometry is now possible.

gammapy.irf has been significantly updated. A general IRF base class is now used. It relies on MapAxes and Quantity and provides most of the methods such as interpolation and I/O. A registry of IRFs is now added. All these new features, considerably simplify the addition of a type of IRF for a user.

Model handling has been strongly simplified thanks to a number of helper methods allowing e.g. to freeze all spectral or spatial parameters of a given Models object, to select all components of a Models lying inside a given region.

New catalog information has been added on gammapy.catalog, namely the data release 2 of the 4FGL and the third HAWC catalog.

For Gammapy v0.19 we dropped the support for Python 3.6, please use Python 3.7 or later. We also updated to use regions v0.5 and iminuit 2.8.4. After changes in the Travis CI platform, the Continuous Integration (CI) has been simplified and moved from Travis to GitHub actions.


In alphabetical order by first name:

  • Alexis Coutinho

  • Atreyee Sinha

  • Axel Donath

  • Bruno Khelifi

  • Cosimo Nigro

  • Dimitri Papadopoulos

  • Fabio Acero

  • Fabio Pintore

  • Jalel Hajlaoui

  • Johannes Buchner

  • José Enrique Ruiz

  • Laura Olivera Nieto

  • Luca Giunti

  • Mathieu de Bony

  • Maximilian Nöthe

  • Quentin Remy

  • Régis Terrier

  • Sebastian Panny

  • Vikas Joshi

Pull requests#

This list is incomplete. Small improvements and bug fixes are not listed here.

  • [#3592] Avoid copy in background model evaluation (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3584] Return Maps object in ASmoothMapEstimator (Axel Donath)

  • [#3568] Add test for event sampler using CTA IRF alpha configuration (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3561] Add FluxPoints.is_ul setter and fix its serialisation (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3559] Codespell infrastructure (Dimitri Papadopoulos)

  • [#3544] Add FluxMaps.success quantity (Bruno Khelifi)

  • [#3529] Correct map evaluator to avoid memory overload (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3523] Add .sample_time to GaussianTemporalMode` and ExpDecayTemporalModel (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3515] Add RadMax2d IRF (Maximilian Nöthe)

  • [#3491] Use FluxMaps as return type for ExcessMapEstimator (Axel Donath)

  • [#3488] Add a Datasets API notebook (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3480] Implement FluxProfileEstimator (Axel Donath)

  • [#3474] Return min/max energy maps from energy_range methods (Alexis Coutinho)

  • [#3471] Rename MapDataset.to_spectrum and improve docstring (Axel Donath)

  • [#3468] Prevents spatial model integration if no psf is present and add test (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3466] Restructure gammapy maps with subfolders (Axel Donath)

  • [#3458] Support binned time series format in FluxPoints.to_table() (Axel Donath)

  • [#3454] Add npred quantities to flux point computation (Axel Donath)

  • [#3453] Adapt Gammapy to regions v0.5 (Axel Donath)

  • [#3449] Remove LightCurve class (Axel Donath)

  • [#3447] Implement plotting of stat profiles for lightcurves (Axel Donath)

  • [#3446] corrected axis label units for PSF containment radius (Sebastian Panny)

  • [#3445] Use FluxPoints object in LightcurveEstimator (Axel Donath)

  • [#3439] Allow to choose scaling method per parameter (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3438] Unify plot unit handling (Axel Donath)

  • [#3434] Time axis plotting (Axel Donath)

  • [#3428] Support serialisation of TimeMapAxis (Axel Donath)

  • [#3426] Cleanup reflected regions finder (Axel Donath)

  • [#3423] Implement LabelMapAxis (Axel Donath)

  • [#3420] Disable IRF extrapolation (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3418] Refactor FluxPoints to rely on maps internally (Axel Donath)

  • [#3416] Mask invalid background values in SafeMaskMaker (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3413] Introduce inheritance for Estimator classes (Axel Donath)

  • [#3409] Support iminuit v2.0 (Axel Donath)

  • [#3406] Add scan specification to the Parameter object (Axel Donath)

  • [#3404] Add is_pointlike property on irfs (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3403] Add sparse option to get_coord() methods (Axel Donath)

  • [#3402] Rename energy_range to energy_bounds (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3399] Implement WcsGeom.from_aligned (Axel Donath)

  • [#3397] Use string for model name in npred_signal() (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3395] Remove counts data caching from MapDataset (Axel Donath)

  • [#3393] Implement TimeMapAxis class (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3392] Implement padding for TSMapEstimator (Axel Donath)

  • [#3390] Fix parameter type for PiecewiseNormSpectralModel and NaimaSpectralModel (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3381] Fix FoVBackgroundMaker error (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3379] Use find_roots to call root finding methods (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3377] Expand $GAMMAPY_DATA defined in HLI config (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3374] Fix off position only created for first observation in make_theta_squared_table (Maximilian Nöthe)

  • [#3369] Enable reading psf and edisp for MapDatasetOnOff (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3363] Read healpy maps with col name (Vikas Joshi)

  • [#3358] Complete test coverage in docstrings of python files (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3357] Improve test coverage in RST files (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3353] Tweak in MapEvaluator.need_update for performance (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3349] Cleanup MapEvaluator and add more caching (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3347] Simplify and refactor installation instructions (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3346] Allow Npred computation for Healpix MapDataset (Laura Olivera Nieto)

  • [#3343] Display progress bar in gammapy (Luca Giunti)

  • [#3342] Add truncation value to npred in cash statistics calculation (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3338] Add fixed_offset attribute to SafeMaskMaker (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3337] Rename BackgroundModel to TemplateNPredModel (Axel Donath)

  • [#3335] Changed p-value for CountsStatistic (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3333] Add sed_type keyword to SpectralModel.plot (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3328] Make FluxPoints inherit from FluxEstimate (Axel Donath)

  • [#3323] Implement HpxNDMap.convolve() (Laura Olivera Nieto)

  • [#3320] Add functionality to read healpy maps (Vikas Joshi)

  • [#3319] Modify FoVBackgroundMaker to take spectral model as argument (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3314] Implement HpxNDMap.smooth() (Laura Olivera Nieto)

  • [#3310] Hpx separation method (Vikas Joshi)

  • [#3309] Improve doc and cleanup for selection_optional argument in estimators (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3308] Implement HpxNDMap.to_region_nd_map (Axel Donath)

  • [#3307] Add support for ExcessMapEstimator on high level interface (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3306] Allow to specify spectral model in ExcessMapEstimator (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3305] Implement HpxGeom.to_binsz() (Axel Donath)

  • [#3304] Implement stacking of healpix maps (Axel Donath)

  • [#3303] Fix npred after energy resampling in ExcessMapEstimator (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3302] Implement healpix cutout (Axel Donath)

  • [#3301] Change HLI default for Fit range (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3293] Add link to tutorials as thumbnails in API docs (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3285] Use FluxMaps in TSMapEstimator (Axel Donath)

  • [#3284] Fixing Matplotlib deprecation of nonposx (Fabio Acero)

  • [#3283] Add Models.plot_spatial() (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3281] Refactor and shorten overview docs page (Axel Donath)

  • [#3279] Improve visibility of models gallery (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3278] Extend documentation of quantities returned by estimators (Axel Donath)

  • [#3277] Change Estimator optional default selection (Axel Donath)

  • [#3276] Group tutorials files in category folders (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3272] Add SourceCatalog.to_models() and improve models selection from catalogues (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3262] Cleanup maps tutorial and rst page (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3258] Add support for RegionGeom to MapDataset (Axel Donath)

  • [#3257] Remove code duplication in EDispMap.to_edisp_kernel_map() (Axel Donath)

  • [#3254] Add .mailmap (Maximilian Nöthe)

  • [#3246] Clean up and fix WcsNDMap binary operations (Axel Donath)

  • [#3243] Support I/O for RegionGeom in MapDataset (Axel Donath)

  • [#3241] Update 4FGL catalogue to DR2 (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3238] Unify integration in EDispMap.get_edisp_kernel() and EnergyDispersion2D.get_edisp_kernel() (Axel Donath)

  • [#3230] Expand extended source analysis tutorial (Laura Olivera Nieto)

  • [#3228] Remove EffectiveAreaTable class (Axel Donath)

  • [#3222] Add alternative parametrization for ShellSpatialModel (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3219] Add missing values interpolation for Background3D (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3217] Make is_norm_spectral_model as classproperty (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3216] Add a notebook to explain model management (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3211] Refactor notebooks processing (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3208] Cleanup Dataset.plot_residuals() (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#3207] Remove EnergyDependentTablePSF (Axel Donath)

  • [#3202] Add an option to the SpectrumDatasetMaker to average IRFs over a Region (Laura Olivera-Nieto)

  • [#3199] Enable tests of code in RST files and in docstrings of Python scripts (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3197] Introduce PSF and ParametricPSF base classes (Axel Donath)

  • [#3191] Remove code duplication between SpectrumDatasetMaker and MapDatasetMaker (Axel Donath)

  • [#3185] Introduce IRF base class and remove code duplication (Axel Donath)

  • [#3182] Introduce FluxEstimate class (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3180] Remove code duplication from models.spectral (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3178] Clean up PSF classes in gammapy.irf (Axel Donath)

  • [#3173] Restructure hawc catalog in 2hwc and 3hwc (Jalel Hajlaoui)

  • [#3169] Add .select_region() and .select_mask() methods to Models (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3168] Remove evaluator update from models setter (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3165] Improve documentation of RegionGeom and RegionNDMap (Laura Olivera Nieto)

  • [#3162] Correct Models.from_dict to check input parameters names (Régis Terrier)

  • [#3158] Add binary_erosion/dilation to WcsNDMap (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3155] Add a tutorials notebooks gallery layout (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3153] Refactor gammapy download (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3152] Unify dataset I/O interface (Axel Donath)

  • [#3148] Add various models and parameters management options (Quentin Rémy)

  • [#3145] Change the _compute_flux_spatial method on MapEvaluator (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3141] Allow SkyModel.integrate_geom to integrate over a RegionGeom (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#3140] Add an option to ExcessMapEstimator to choose to correlate off events (Mathieu de Bony)

  • [#3138] Migrate Travis CI to GitHub actions (Jose Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#3136] Evaluate spatial model in RegionGeom (Laura Olivera Nieto)

  • [#3131] Further remove code duplication between SpectrumDataset and MapDataset (Axel Donath)