Date: Feb 29, 2024 Version: 1.2

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Gammapy is a community-developed, open-source Python package for gamma-ray astronomy built on Numpy, Scipy and Astropy. It is the core library for the CTA Science Tools but can also be used to analyse data from existing imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes (IACTs), such as H.E.S.S., MAGIC and VERITAS. It also provides some support for Fermi-LAT and HAWC data analysis.


Getting started

New to Gammapy? Check out the getting started documents. They contain information on how to install and start using Gammapy on your local desktop computer.


User guide

The user guide provide in-depth information on the key concepts of Gammapy with useful background information and explanation, as well as tutorials in the form of Jupyter notebooks.


API reference

The reference guide contains a detailed description of the Gammapy API. The reference describes how the methods work and which parameters can be used. It assumes that you have an understanding of the key concepts.


Developer guide

Saw a typo in the documentation? Want to improve existing functionalities? The contributing guidelines will guide you through the process of improving Gammapy.