Other package managers

Gammapy has been packaged for some Linux package managers. E.g. on Debian, you can install Gammapy via:

sudo apt-get install python3-gammapy

To get a more fully featured scientific Python environment, you can install other Python packages using the system package manager (apt-get in this example), and then on top of this install more Python packages using pip.


sudo apt-get install \
    python3-pip python3-matplotlib \
    ipython3-notebook python3-gammapy

python3 -m pip install antigravity

Note that also on Linux, the recommended way to install Gammapy is via conda. The conda install is maintained by the Gammapy team and gives you usually a very recent version (releases every 2 months), whereas the Linux package managers typically have release cycles of 6 months, or yearly or longer, meaning that you’ll get an older version of Gammapy. But you can always get a recent version via pip:

sudo apt-get install python3-gammapy
pip install -U gammapy