Data and observation handling (

Introduction currently contains the EventList class, as well as classes for IACT data and observation handling.

Getting Started

You can use the EventList class to load gamma-ray event lists:

>>> from import EventListDataset
>>> filename = '$GAMMAPY_EXTRA/datasets/vela_region/events_vela.fits'
>>> events =

TODO: gives s KeyError: 'ONTIME'. Should we introduce a sub-class EventListIACT?

>>> from import EventListDataset
>>> filename = '$GAMMAPY_EXTRA/datasets/hess-crab4-hd-hap-prod2/run023400-023599/run023523/hess_events_023523.fits.gz'
>>> events =


If you’d like to learn more about using, read the following sub-pages:

Reference/API Package

Data and observation handling.


DataManager([config]) Data manager.
DataStore([hdu_table, obs_table, name]) IACT data store.
DataStoreObservation(obs_id, data_store) IACT data store observation.
EventList(table) Event list.
EventListDataset(event_list[, gti]) Event list dataset (event list plus some extra info).
EventListDatasetChecker(event_list_dataset) Event list dataset checker.
GTI(table) Good time intervals (GTI) Table.
HDUIndexTable([data, masked, names, dtype, …]) HDU index table.
HDULocation(obs_id, hdu_type, hdu_class, …) HDU localisation and loading.
InvalidDataError Invalid data found.
ObservationGroupAxis(name, bins, fmt) Observation group axis.
ObservationGroups(axes) Observation groups.
ObservationList([initlist]) List of DataStoreObservation.
ObservationStats([n_on, n_off, a_on, a_off, …]) Observation statistics.
ObservationSummary(obs_stats) Summary of observations.
ObservationTable([data, masked, names, …]) Observation table.
ObservationTableSummary(obs_table[, target_pos]) Observation table summary.
PointingInfo(table) IACT array pointing info.
Target(on_region[, position, obs_id, name, tag]) Observation Target.


observatory_locations Gamma-ray observatory locations (OrderedDict).