Source catalogs#

gammapy.catalog provides convenient access to common gamma-ray source catalogs.

  • hgps / SourceCatalogHGPS - H.E.S.S. Galactic plane survey (HGPS)

  • gamma-cat / SourceCatalogGammaCat - An open catalog of gamma-ray sources

  • 3fgl / SourceCatalog3FGL - LAT 4-year point source catalog

  • 4fgl / SourceCatalog4FGL - LAT 8-year point source catalog

  • 2fhl / SourceCatalog2FHL - LAT second high-energy source catalog

  • 3fhl / SourceCatalog3FHL - LAT third high-energy source catalog

  • 2hwc / SourceCatalog2HWC - 2HWC catalog from the HAWC observatory

  • 3hwc / SourceCatalog3HWC - 3HWC catalog from the HAWC observatory

For each catalog, a SourceCatalog class is provided to represent the catalog table, and a matching SourceCatalogObject class to represent one catalog source and table row.

The main functionality provided is methods that map catalog information to SkyModel, SpectralModel, SpatialModel, FluxPoints and LightCurve objects.

gammapy.catalog is independent from the rest of Gammapy. The typical use cases are to compare your results against previous results in the catalogs (e.g. overplot a spectral model), or to create initial source models for certain energy bands and sky regions.

Using gammapy.catalog#

Gammapy tutorial notebooks that show examples using gammapy.catalog: