0.10 (Jan 28, 2019)#


  • Released Jan 28, 2019

  • 7 contributors

  • 2 months of work

  • 30 pull requests (not all listed below)

What’s new?#

Gammapy v0.10 is a small release. An option to have a background model with parameters such as normalization and spectral tilt was added. The curated example datasets were improved, the gammapy download script and access of example data from the tutorials via the GAMMAPY_DATA environment variable were improved. A notebook image_analysis showing how to use Gammapy to make and model 2D images for a given given energy band, as a special case of the existing 3D map-based analysis was added.

A lot of the work recently went into planning the work ahead for 2019. See the Gammapy 1.0 roadmap and the PIG 7 - models as well as PIG 8 - datasets and get in touch if you want to contribute. We plan to ship a first version of the new datasets API in Gammapy v0.11 in March 2019.

Gammapy v0.10 is the last Gammapy release that supports Python 2 (see PIG 3). If you have any questions or need help to install Python 3, or to update your scripts and notebooks to work in Python 3, please contact us any time on the Gammapy mailing list or Slack. We apologise for the disruption and are happy to help with this transition.

pyyaml is now a core dependency of Gammapy, i.e. will always be automatically installed as a dependency. Instructions for installing Gammapy on Windows, and continuous testing on Windows were improved.


  • Atreyee Sinha

  • Axel Donath

  • Christoph Deil

  • David Fidalgo

  • José Enrique Ruiz

  • Lars Mohrmann

  • Régis Terrier

Pull requests#

This list is incomplete. Small improvements and bug fixes are not listed here.

See the complete Gammapy 0.10 merged pull requests list on GitHub.

  • [#2001] Use GAMMAPY_DATA everywhere / remove GAMMAPY_EXTRA (José Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#2000] Fix cta_simulation notebook, use CTA prod 3 IRFs (Régis Terrier)

  • [#1998] Fix SensitivityEstimator after IRF API change (Régis Terrier)

  • [#1995] Add pyyaml as core dependency (Christoph Deil)

  • [#1994] Unify Fermi-LAT datasets used in Gammapy (Axel Donath)

  • [#1991] Improve SourceCatalogObjectHGPS spatial model (Axel Donath)

  • [#1990] Add background model for map fit (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#1989] Add tutorial notebook for 2D image analysis (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#1988] Improve gammapy download (José Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#1979] Improve output units of spectral models (Axel Donath)

  • [#1975] Improve EnergyDependentTablePSF evaluate methods (Axel Donath)

  • [#1969] Improve ObservationStats (Lars Mohrmann)

  • [#1966] Add ObservationFilter select methods (David Fidalgo)

  • [#1962] Change data access in notebooks to GAMMAPY_DATA (José Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#1951] Add keepdim option for maps (Atreyee Sinha)