0.13 (Jul 26, 2019)#


  • Released Jul 26, 2019

  • 15 contributors

  • 2 months of work

  • 72 pull requests (not all listed below)

What’s new?#

The Gammapy v0.13 release includes many bug-fixes, a lot of clean-up work and some new features.

Gammapy v0.13 implements a new SpectralGaussian and PLSuperExpCutoff4FGL model. To support binned simulation of counts data in a uniform way MapDataset.fake(), SpectrumDataset.fake() and SpectrumDatasetOnOff.fake() methods were implemented, which simulate binned counts maps and spectra from models. In addition a nice string representations for all of the dataset classes was implemented together with convenience functions to compute residuals using different methods on all of them. The algorithm and API of the current LightCurveEstimator was changed to use datasets. Now it is possible to compute lightcurves using spectral as well as cube based analyses. The definition of the position angle of the SkyEllipse model was changed to follow IAU conventions.

The handling of sky regions in Gammapy was unified as described in PIG 10. For convenience regions can now also be created from DS9 region strings. The clean-up process of gammapy.spectrum was continued by removing the PHACountsSpectrum class, which is now fully replaced by the SpectrumDatasetOnOff class. The Energy and EnergyBounds classes were also removed. Grids of energies can be created and handled directly using the MapAxis object now.

The algorithm to compute solid angles for maps was fixed, so that it gives correct results for WCS projections even with high spatial distortions. Standard analyses using TAN or CAR projections are only affected on a <1% level. Different units for the energy axis of the counts and exposure map in a MapDataset are now handled correctly.

The recommended conda environment for Gammapy v0.13 was updated. It now relies on Python 3.7, Ipython 7.5, Scipy 1.3, Matplotlib 3.1, Astropy 3.1, and Healpy 1.12. These updates should be backwards compatible. Scripts and notebooks should run and give the same results.


In alphabetical order by first name:

  • Atreyee Sinha

  • Axel Donath

  • Brigitta Sipocz

  • Bruno Khelifi

  • Christoph Deil

  • Fabio Pintore

  • Fabio Acero

  • Kaori Nakashima

  • José Enrique Ruiz

  • Léa Jouvin

  • Luca Giunti

  • Quentin Remy

  • Régis Terrier

  • Silvia Manconi

  • Yu Wun Wong

Pull requests#

This list is incomplete. Small improvements and bug fixes are not listed here.

See the complete Gammapy v0.13 merged pull requests list on GitHub.

  • [#2296] Implement model YAML serialisation (Quentin Remy)

  • [#2310] Remove old LightCurveEstimator class (Axel Donath)

  • [#2305] Remove SpectrumSimulation class (Axel Donath)

  • [#2300] Change to IAU convention for position angle in SkyEllipse model (Luca Giunti)

  • [#2298] Implement .fake() methods on datasets (Léa Jouvin)

  • [#2297] Implement Fermi 4FGL catalog spectral models and catalog (Kaori Nakashima & Yu Wun Wong)

  • [#2294] Fix pulsar spin-down model bug (Silvia Manconi)

  • [#2289] Add gammapy/utils/fitting/sampling.py (Fabio Acero)

  • [#2287] Implement __str__ methoda for dataset (Léa Jouvin)

  • [#2278] Refactor class CrabSpectrum in a function (Léa Jouvin)

  • [#2277] Implement GTI union (Régis Terrier)

  • [#2276] Fix map pixel solid angle computation (Axel Donath)

  • [#2272] Remove SpectrumStats class (Axel Donath)

  • [#2264] Implement MapDataset FITS I/O (Axel Donath)

  • [#2262] Clean up sky region select code (Christoph Deil)

  • [#2259] Fix Fit.minos_contour method for frozen parameters (Axel Donath)

  • [#2257] Update astropy-helpers to v3.2.1 (Brigitta Sipocz)

  • [#2254] Add select_region method for event lists (Régis Terrier)

  • [#2250] Remove PHACountsSpectrum class (Axel Donath)

  • [#2244] Implement SpectralGaussian model class (Léa Jouvin)

  • [#2243] Speed up mcmc_sampling tutorial (Fabio Acero)

  • [#2240] Remove use of NDDataArray from CountsSpectrum (Axel Donath)

  • [#2239] Remove GeneralRandom class (Axel Donath)

  • [#2238] Implement MapEventSampler class (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#2237] Remove Energy and EnergyBounds classes (Axel Donath)

  • [#2235] Remove unused functions in stats/data.py (Régis Terrier)

  • [#2230] Improve spectrum/models.py coverage (Régis Terrier)

  • [#2229] Implement InverseCDFSampler class (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#2217] Refactor gammapy download (José Enrique Ruiz)

  • [#2206] Remove unused map iter_by_pix and iter_by_coord methods (Christoph Deil)

  • [#2204] Clean up gammapy.utils.random (Fabio Pintore)

  • [#2200] Update astropy_helpers to v3.2 (Brigitta Sipocz)

  • [#2192] Improve gammapy.astro code and tests (Christoph Deil)

  • [#2129] PIG 10 - Regions (Christoph Deil)

  • [#2089] Improve ReflectedRegionsFinder class (Bruno Khelifi)