1.0.1 (March 14th, 2023)#


  • Released Mar 14th, 2023

  • 9 contributors

  • 31 pull requests since v1.0 (not all listed below)

This is the first bug-fix after v1.0. Several minor bugs and typos in the documentation are corrected.

  • Few corrections have been made to improve the performance of the models evaluation in particular for 1d spectral analyses.

  • The “TIMESYS” keyword was not properly exported to the lightcurve table format. This is now corrected.

  • An issue with interpolation in scipy 1.10 is causing problems in Gammapy. This specific version is excluded from dependencies. The minimal numpy version is now 1.21.

  • Models created from files with a parameter scale different than one were incorrect and this will be fixed by this patch. Note that by default gammapy always serializes the parameters with a scale of unity, so this bug affected only files written by hand with a scale different from one.

  • Datasets serialization now correctly supports PSF in reconstructed energies used in HAWC analyses.


  • Arnau Aguasca

  • Axel Donath

  • Bruno Khelifi

  • Maximilian Linhoff

  • Lars Mohrmann

  • Maxime Regeard

  • Quentin Remy

  • Atreyee Sinha

  • Régis Terrier

Pull Requests#

This list is incomplete.

  • [#4359] Fix interpolation values_scale in TemplateSpatialModel (Quentin Remy)

  • [#4344] Fix norm_only_changed in MapEvaluator (Quentin Remy)

  • [#4336] Change label units within parentheses to brackets (Arnau Aguasca)

  • [#4324] Fix Parameter init if scale is not one (Quentin Remy)

  • [#4301] Add TIMESYS to lightcurve table meta (Régis Terrier)

  • [#4275] Remove safe mask in background stacking (Atreyee Sinha)

  • [#4268] Add an HowTo for the fit non-convergence (Bruno Khelifi)

  • [#4231] Fix bug in safe mask computation for SpectrumDatasetOnOff (Lars Mohrmann)

  • [#4221] Fix wrong name in required hdus (Maximilian Linhoff)