class gammapy.makers.WobbleRegionsFinder(n_off_regions, binsz=<Quantity 0.01 deg>)[source]#

Bases: gammapy.makers.background.reflected.RegionsFinder

Find the OFF regions symmetric to the ON region

This is a simpler version of the ReflectedRegionsFinder, that will place n_off_regions regions at symmetric positions on the circle created by the center position and the on region.

Returns no regions if the regions are found to be overlapping, in that case reduce the number of off regions and/or their size.

n_off_regions: int

Number of off regions to create. Actual number of off regions might be smaller if an exclusion_mask is given to WobbleRegionsFinder.run


Bin size of the reference map used for region finding.

Create a new RegionFinder

Methods Summary

run(region, center[, exclusion_mask])

Find off regions.

Methods Documentation

run(region, center, exclusion_mask=None)[source]#

Find off regions.


Region to rotate


Rotation point

exclusion_maskWcsNDMap, optional

Exclusion mask. Regions intersecting with this mask will not be included in the returned regions.

regionslist of SkyRegion

Reflected regions

wcs: WCS

WCS for the determined regions