Disk Spatial Model

This is a spatial model parametrising a disk.

By default, the model is symmetric, i.e. a disk:

\[\phi(lon, lat) = \frac{1}{2 \pi (1 - \cos{r_0}) } \cdot \begin{cases} 1 & \text{for } \theta \leq r_0 \ 0 & \text{for } \theta > r_0 \end{cases}\]

where \(\theta\) is the sky separation. To improve fit convergence of the model, the sharp edges is smoothed using erf.

In case an eccentricity (e) and rotation angle (\(\phi\)) are passed, then the model is an elongated disk (i.e. an ellipse), with a major semiaxis of length \(r_0\) and position angle \(\phi\) (increaing counter-clockwise from the North direction).

The model is defined on the celestial sphere, with a normalization defined by:

\[\int_{4\pi}\phi(\text{lon}, \text{lat}) \,d\Omega = 1\,.\]

Example plot

Here is an example plot of the model:

import numpy as np
from astropy.coordinates import Angle
from gammapy.modeling.models import (

phi = Angle("30 deg")
model = DiskSpatialModel(
    lon_0="2 deg", lat_0="2 deg", r_0="1 deg", e=0.8, phi="30 deg", frame="galactic",

ax = model.plot(add_cbar=True)

# illustrate size parameter
region = model.to_region().to_pixel(ax.wcs)
artist = region.as_artist(facecolor="none", edgecolor="red")

transform = ax.get_transform("galactic")
ax.scatter(2, 2, transform=transform, s=20, edgecolor="red", facecolor="red")
ax.text(1.7, 1.85, r"$(l_0, b_0)$", transform=transform, ha="center")
ax.plot([2, 2 + np.sin(phi)], [2, 2 + np.cos(phi)], color="r", transform=transform)
ax.vlines(x=2, color="r", linestyle="--", transform=transform, ymin=0, ymax=5)
ax.text(2.15, 2.3, r"$\phi$", transform=transform)
plot disk

YAML representation

Here is an example YAML file using the model:

pwl = PowerLawSpectralModel()
gauss = DiskSpatialModel()

model = SkyModel(spectral_model=pwl, spatial_model=gauss, name="pwl-disk-model")
models = Models([model])



-   name: pwl-disk-model
    type: SkyModel
        type: PowerLawSpectralModel
        -   name: index
            value: 2.0
        -   name: amplitude
            value: 1.0e-12
            unit: cm-2 s-1 TeV-1
        -   name: reference
            value: 1.0
            unit: TeV
            frozen: true
        type: DiskSpatialModel
        frame: icrs
        -   name: lon_0
            value: 0.0
            unit: deg
        -   name: lat_0
            value: 0.0
            unit: deg
        -   name: r_0
            value: 1.0
            unit: deg
        -   name: e
            value: 0.0
            frozen: true
        -   name: phi
            value: 0.0
            unit: deg
            frozen: true
        -   name: edge
            value: 0.01
            unit: deg
            frozen: true

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