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# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
from .background import Background3D
from .effective_area import EffectiveAreaTable2D
from .energy_dispersion import EnergyDispersion2D
from .psf_gauss import EnergyDependentMultiGaussPSF

__all__ = ["load_cta_irfs"]

[docs]def load_cta_irfs(filename): """load CTA instrument response function and return a dictionary container. The IRF format should be compliant with the one discussed at The various IRFs are accessible with the following keys: - 'aeff' is a `~gammapy.irf.EffectiveAreaTable2D` - 'edisp' is a `~gammapy.irf.EnergyDispersion2D` - 'psf' is a `~gammapy.irf.EnergyDependentMultiGaussPSF` - 'bkg' is a `~gammapy.irf.Background3D` Parameters ---------- filename : str the input filename. Default is Returns ------- cta_irf : dict the IRF dictionary Examples -------- Access the CTA 1DC IRFs stored in the gammapy datasets .. code-block:: python from gammapy.irf import load_cta_irfs cta_irf = load_cta_irfs("$GAMMAPY_DATA/cta-1dc/caldb/data/cta/1dc/bcf/South_z20_50h/irf_file.fits") print(cta_irf['aeff']) """ aeff =, hdu="EFFECTIVE AREA") bkg =, hdu="BACKGROUND") edisp =, hdu="ENERGY DISPERSION") psf =, hdu="POINT SPREAD FUNCTION") return dict(aeff=aeff, bkg=bkg, edisp=edisp, psf=psf)