The recommended way to install Gammapy is to install the Anaconda distribution from and then to install the Gammapy and it’s dependencies by executing these commands in a terminal:

curl -O
conda env create -f gammapy-0.14-environment.yml


On Windows, you have to open up the conda environment file and delete the lines with sherpa and healpy. Those are optional dependencies that currently aren’t available on Windows.

This creates a conda environment called gammapy-0.14 which you can activate via:

conda activate gammapy-0.14

Note that you have to execute that activation command (but not the environment cration command) every time you open a new terminal window, because the default with conda is the base environment, which doesn’t have Gammapy installed.

To check your Gammapy installation, you can use this command:

gammapy info

Congratulations! You are all set to start using Gammapy!

If you’re new to Python, ipython and Jupyter, read the Getting Started guide. To learn how to use Gammapy, go to Tutorial notebooks.

The following pages contain detailed information about Gammapy dependencies in various installation options: