cube - Map cube analysis


The gammapy.cube sub-package contains functions and classes to make maps (counts, exposure, background), as well as to compute an effective PSF and energy dispersion for a given set of observations.

It also contains classes that represent cube models (sky maps with an energy axis), and classes to evaluate and fit those models to data.

Getting Started

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Using gammapy.cube

Gammapy tutorial notebooks that show examples using gammapy.cube:


gammapy.cube Package

Sky cubes (3-dimensional: energy, lon, lat).


fill_map_counts(counts_map, events) Fill events into a counts map.
make_edisp_map(edisp, pointing, geom, max_offset) Make a edisp map for a single observation
make_map_background_irf(pointing, ontime, …) Compute background map from background IRFs.
make_map_exposure_true_energy(pointing, …) Compute exposure map.
make_psf_map(psf, pointing, geom, max_offset) Make a psf map for a single observation
simulate_dataset(skymodel, geom, pointing, irfs) Simulate a 3D dataset.


AdaptiveRingBackgroundEstimator(r_in, …[, …]) Adaptive ring background algorithm.
EDispMap(edisp_map, exposure_map) Energy dispersion map.
MapDataset([model, counts, exposure, …]) Perform sky model likelihood fit on maps.
MapEvaluator([model, exposure, psf, edisp, …]) Sky model evaluation on maps.
MapMaker(geom, offset_max[, geom_true, …]) Make maps from IACT observations.
MapMakerObs(observation, geom, offset_max[, …]) Make maps for a single IACT observation.
MapMakerRing(geom, offset_max[, …]) Make maps from IACT observations.
PSFKernel(psf_kernel_map) PSF kernel for Map.
PSFMap(psf_map[, exposure_map]) Class containing the Map of PSFs and allowing to interact with it.
RingBackgroundEstimator(r_in, width) Ring background method for cartesian coordinates.