Installation with pip or


To install the latest Gammapy stable version (see Gammapy page on PyPI) using pip:

$ python -m pip install gammapy

To install the current Gammapy development version using pip:

$ python -m pip install git+

If that doesn’t work because the download from PyPI or Github is blocked by your network, but you have some other means of copying files onto that machine, you can get the tarball (.tar.gz file) from PyPI or .zip file from Github, and then python -m pip install <filename>.

To download the latest development version of Gammapy:

$ git clone
$ cd gammapy

Now you install, run tests or build the documentation:

$ python install
$ python test
$ python build_docs

If you want to contribute to Gammapy, but are not familiar with Python or git or Astropy yet, please have a look at the Astropy developer documentation.