Check Gammapy installation

How to run checks

To check if Gammapy is correctly installed, start up python or ipython, import Gammapy and run the unit tests:

$ python -c 'import gammapy; gammapy.test()'

To check if the Gammapy command line tools are on your $PATH try this:

$ gammapy info --tools

To check which dependencies of Gammapy you have installed:

$ gammapy info --dependencies

Common issues

If you have an issue with Gammapy installation or usage, please check this list. If your issue is not adressed, please send an email to the mailing list.

  • Q: I get an error mentioning something (e.g. Astropy) isn’t available, but I did install it.

    A: Check that you’re using the right python and that your PYTHONPATH isn’t pointing to places that aren’t appropriate for this Python (usually it’s best to not set it at all) using these commands:

    which python
    echo $PYTHONPATH
    python -c 'import astropy'