gammapy.irf.make_mean_edisp(observations, position, e_true, e_reco, low_reco_threshold=<Energy 0.002 TeV>, high_reco_threshold=<Energy 150. TeV>)[source]

Compute mean energy dispersion.

Compute the mean edisp of a set of observations j at a given position

The stacking is implemented in stack_edisp()

observations : Observations

Observations for which to compute the EDISP

position : SkyCoord

Position at which to compute the EDISP

e_true : EnergyBounds

True energy axis

e_reco : EnergyBounds

Reconstructed energy axis

low_reco_threshold : Energy

low energy threshold in reco energy, default 0.002 TeV

high_reco_threshold : Energy

high energy threshold in reco energy , default 150 TeV

stacked_edisp : EnergyDispersion

Stacked EDISP for a set of observation