Gammapy is a community-developed, open-source Python package for gamma-ray astronomy. It is a prototype for the CTA science tools. This page (http://docs.gammapy.org ) contains the Gammapy documentation. The Gammapy webpage ( http://gammapy.org ) contains information about Gammapy, including news and contact information if you have any questions, want to report and issue or request a feature, or need help with anything Gammapy-related.

Getting started

Gammapy works with Python 2 and 3, on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. To get started, we recommend you follow the installation and setup instructions in Getting Started and then learn Gammapy via the Jupyter Tutorial notebooks.

Gammapy package

As mentioned in the Getting Started, the Gammapy package is structured as a series of sub-packages. We recommend that you start to learn Gammapy via the Tutorial notebooks, and then consult the following pages for further information about each sub-package. Those pages also contain very detailed reference documentation for every function and class in Gammapy.

Developer documentation

The Gammapy webpage contains information about the Gammapy project and team as well as information about Gammapy contact and communication channels. Most development takes place on the Gammapy GitHub page.

References and Changelog