class gammapy.cube.models.SkyDiffuseCube(map, norm=1, meta=None, interp_kwargs=None)[source]

Bases: gammapy.cube.models.SkyModelBase

Cube sky map template model (3D).

This is for a 3D map with an energy axis. Use SkyDiffuseMap for 2D maps.


map : Map

Map template

norm : float

Norm parameter (multiplied with map values)

meta : dict, optional

Meta information, meta[‘filename’] will be used for serialization

interp_kwargs : dict

Interpolation keyword arguments passed to Map.interp_by_coord(). Default arguments are {‘interp’: ‘linear’, ‘fill_value’: 0}.

Methods Summary

__call__(lon, lat, energy) Call self as a function.
copy() A shallow copy
evaluate(lon, lat, energy) Evaluate model.
read(filename, **kwargs) Read map from FITS file.

Methods Documentation

__call__(lon, lat, energy)

Call self as a function.


A shallow copy

evaluate(lon, lat, energy)[source]

Evaluate model.

classmethod read(filename, **kwargs)[source]

Read map from FITS file.

The default unit used if none is found in the file is cm-2 s-1 MeV-1 sr-1.


filename : str

FITS image filename.