class gammapy.detect.CWTKernels(n_scale, min_scale, step_scale, old=False)[source]

Bases: object

Conduct arrays of kernels and scales for CWT algorithm.


n_scale : int

Number of scales.

min_scale : float

First scale used.

step_scale : float

Base scaling factor.

old : boolean (default False)

DEBUG attribute. If False, use astropy MaxicanHat kernels for kernel_base.


>>> from gammapy.detect import CWTKernels
>>> kernels = CWTKernels(n_scale=3, min_scale=2.0, step_scale=2.6)
>>> print (kernels.info_table)
                Name                        Source
---------------------------------- ----------------------
                  Number of scales                      3
                     Minimal scale                    2.0
                        Step scale                    2.6
                            Scales [  2.     5.2   13.52]
              Kernels approx width                    280
                Kernels approx sum          0.99986288557
                Kernels approx max       0.00012877518599
  Kernels base width for 2.0 scale                     40
    Kernels base sum for 2.0 scale      0.000305108917065
    Kernels base max for 2.0 scale        0.0315463182128
  Kernels base width for 5.2 scale                    107
    Kernels base sum for 5.2 scale      0.000158044776015
    Kernels base max for 5.2 scale        0.0050152112595
Kernels base width for 13.52 scale                    280
  Kernels base sum for 13.52 scale      0.000137114430344
  Kernels base max for 13.52 scale      0.000740731187317


n_scale (int) Number of scales considered.
min_scale (float) First scale used.
step_scale (float) Base scaling factor.
scales (ndarray) Grid of scales.
kern_base (dict) Dictionary of scale powers as keys and 2D kernel arrays. (mexican hat) as values
kern_approx (ndarray) 2D Gaussian kernel array from maximum scale.

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info_table Summary info table about the object.

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