class gammapy.background.ReflectedRegionsBackgroundEstimator(on_region, observations, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

Reflected Regions background estimator.

This class is responsible for creating a BackgroundEstimate by placing reflected regions given a target region and an observation.

For a usage example see spectrum_analysis.html

on_region : CircleSkyRegion

Target region

observations : Observations

Observations to process

kwargs : dict

Forwarded to gammapy.background.ReflectedRegionsFinder

Methods Summary

plot(self[, fig, ax, cmap, idx, add_legend]) Standard debug plot.
process(self, obs) Estimate background for one observation.
run(self) Run all steps.

Methods Documentation

plot(self, fig=None, ax=None, cmap=None, idx=None, add_legend=False)[source]

Standard debug plot.

cmap : ListedColormap, optional

Color map to use

idx : int, optional

Observations to include in the plot, default: all

add_legend : boolean, optional

Enable/disable legend in the plot, default: False

process(self, obs)[source]

Estimate background for one observation.


Run all steps.