gammapy.time.plot_periodogram(time, flux, periods, power, flux_err=None, best_period=None, fap=None)[source]

Plot a light curve and its periodogram.

The highest period of the periodogram and its false alarm probability (FAP) is added to the plot, if given.

time : numpy.ndarray

Time array of the light curve

flux : numpy.ndarray

Flux array of the light curve

periods : numpy.ndarray

Periods for the periodogram

power : numpy.ndarray

Periodogram peaks of the data

flux_err : numpy.ndarray (optional, default=None)

Flux error array of the light curve. Is set to 0 if not given.

best_period : float (optional, default=None)

Period of the highest periodogram peak

fap : float (optional, default=None)

False alarm probability of best_period under a certain significance criterion.

fig : Figure

Matplotlib figure