astro - Astrophysics#

gammapy.astro.darkmatter Package#

Dark matter spatial and spectral models.


DarkMatterAnnihilationSpectralModel(mass, ...)

Dark matter annihilation spectral model.

DarkMatterDecaySpectralModel(mass, channel)

Dark matter decay spectral model.

JFactory(geom, profile, distance[, annihilation])

Compute J-Factor or D-Factor maps.

PrimaryFlux(mDM, channel)

DM-annihilation gamma-ray spectra.

BurkertProfile([r_s, rho_s])

Burkert Profile.


DMProfile model base class.

EinastoProfile([r_s, alpha, rho_s])

Einasto Profile.

IsothermalProfile([r_s, rho_s])

Isothermal Profile.

MooreProfile([r_s, rho_s])

Moore Profile.

NFWProfile([r_s, rho_s])

NFW Profile.

ZhaoProfile([r_s, alpha, beta, gamma, rho_s])

Zhao Profile.

gammapy.astro.population Package#

Astrophysical population models.


add_observed_parameters(table[, obs_pos])

Add observable parameters (such as sky position or distance).

add_pulsar_parameters(table[, B_mean, ...])

Add pulsar parameters to the table.


Add PWN parameters to the table.


Add SNR parameters to the table.

make_base_catalog_galactic(n_sources[, ...])

Make a catalog of Galactic sources, with basic source parameters.

make_catalog_random_positions_cube([size, ...])

Make a catalog of sources randomly distributed on a line, square or cube.

make_catalog_random_positions_sphere([size, ...])

Sample random source locations in a sphere.


CaseBattacharya1998([amplitude, alpha, beta])

Radial distribution of the surface density of supernova remnants in the galaxy.

Exponential([amplitude, z_0])

Exponential distribution.

FaucherKaspi2006([amplitude, r_0, sigma])

Radial distribution of the birth surface density of pulsars in the galaxy.

FaucherKaspi2006VelocityBimodal([amplitude, ...])

Bimodal pulsar velocity distribution.


Maxwellian pulsar velocity distribution.


Milky way spiral arm used in Faucher et al (2006).


Logarithmic spiral.

Lorimer2006([amplitude, B, C])

Radial distribution of the surface density of pulsars in the galaxy.

Paczynski1990([amplitude, r_exp])

Radial distribution of the birth surface density of neutron stars.

Paczynski1990Velocity([amplitude, v_0])

Distribution by Lyne 1982 and adopted by Paczynski and Faucher.


Milky way spiral arm model from Vallee (2008).

YusifovKucuk2004([amplitude, a, b, r_1])

Radial distribution of the surface density of pulsars in the galaxy.

YusifovKucuk2004B([amplitude, a, b])

Radial distribution of the surface density of OB stars in the galaxy.




gammapy.astro.source Package#

Astrophysical source models.


Pulsar([P_0, B, n, I, R, age, L_0])

Magnetic dipole spin-down pulsar model.

PWN([pulsar, snr, eta_e, eta_B, morphology, age])

Simple pulsar wind nebula (PWN) evolution model.

SimplePulsar(P, P_dot[, I, R])

Magnetic dipole spin-down model for a pulsar.

SNR([e_sn, theta, n_ISM, m_ejecta, t_stop, ...])

Simple supernova remnant (SNR) evolution model.

SNRTrueloveMcKee(*args, **kwargs)

SNR model according to Truelove & McKee (1999).