makers - Data reduction#

gammapy.makers Package#


AdaptiveRingBackgroundMaker(r_in, r_out_max, ...)

Adaptive ring background algorithm.

DatasetsMaker(makers[, stack_datasets, ...])

Run makers in a chain.

FoVBackgroundMaker([method, exclusion_mask, ...])

Normalize template background on the whole field-of-view.


Abstract maker base class.

MapDatasetMaker([selection, ...])

Make binned maps for a single IACT observation.

PhaseBackgroundMaker(on_phase, off_phase[, ...])

Background estimation with on and off phases.


Reflected regions background maker.

ReflectedRegionsFinder([angle_increment, ...])

Find reflected regions.


Base class for regions finders.

RingBackgroundMaker(r_in, width[, ...])

Perform a local renormalisation of the existing background template, using a ring kernel.

SafeMaskMaker([methods, aeff_percent, ...])

Make safe data range mask for a given observation.

SpectrumDatasetMaker([selection, ...])

Make spectrum for a single IACT observation.

WobbleRegionsFinder(n_off_regions[, binsz])

Find the OFF regions symmetric to the ON region.



Registry of maker classes in Gammapy.

gammapy.makers.utils Module#


make_counts_rad_max(geom, rad_max, events)

Extract the counts using for the ON region size the values in the RAD_MAX_2D table.

make_edisp_kernel_map(edisp, pointing, geom)

Make an edisp kernel map for a single observation.

make_edisp_map(edisp, pointing, geom[, ...])

Make an edisp map for a single observation.

make_map_background_irf(pointing, ontime, ...)

Compute background map from background IRFs.

make_map_exposure_true_energy(pointing, ...)

Compute exposure map.

make_psf_map(psf, pointing, geom[, exposure_map])

Make a PSF map for a single observation.

make_theta_squared_table(observations, ...)

Make theta squared distribution in the same FoV for a list of Observation objects.

make_effective_livetime_map(observations, geom)

Compute the acceptance corrected livetime map for a list of observations.

make_observation_time_map(observations, geom)

Compute the total observation time on the target geometry for a list of observations.