Cosmic a cosmic ray spectral model at Earth.

These are the spectra assumed in this CTA study: Table 3 in….43..171B

The spectrum given is a differential flux dnde in units of cm-2 s-1 TeV-1, as the value integrated over the whole sky. To get a surface brightness you need to compute dnde / (4 * np.pi * To get the dnde in a region of solid angle omega, you need to compute dnde * omega / (4 * np.pi *

The hadronic spectra are simple power-laws, the electron spectrum is the sum of a power law and a log-normal component to model the “Fermi shoulder”.

particle{‘electron’, ‘proton’, ‘He’, ‘N’, ‘Si’, ‘Fe’}, optional

Particle type. Default is ‘proton’.


Spectral model (for all-sky cosmic ray flux).