irf - Instrument response functions#

gammapy.irf Package#

Instrument response functions (IRFs).



Load all available IRF components from given file into a dictionary.


Background2D(axes[, data, unit, ...])

Background 2D.

Background3D(axes[, data, unit, ...])

Background 3D.

BackgroundIRF(axes[, data, unit, ...])

Background IRF base class.

EDispKernel(axes[, data, unit, ...])

Energy dispersion matrix.

EDispKernelMap(edisp_kernel_map[, exposure_map])

Energy dispersion kernel map.

EDispMap(edisp_map[, exposure_map])

Energy dispersion map.

EffectiveAreaTable2D(axes[, data, unit, ...])

2D effective area table.

EnergyDependentMultiGaussPSF(axes[, data, ...])

Triple Gauss analytical PSF depending on true energy and offset.

EnergyDispersion2D(axes[, data, unit, ...])

Offset-dependent energy dispersion matrix.


Orientation of the Field of View Coordinate System.

IRFMap(irf_map, exposure_map)

IRF map base class for DL4 instrument response functions.

IRF(axes[, data, unit, is_pointlike, ...])

IRF base class for DL3 instrument response functions.

ParametricPSF(axes[, data, unit, ...])

Parametric PSF base class.

PSF3D(axes[, data, unit, is_pointlike, ...])

PSF with axes: energy, offset, rad.

PSFKernel(psf_kernel_map[, normalize])

PSF kernel for Map.

PSFKing(axes[, data, unit, is_pointlike, ...])

King profile analytical PSF depending on energy and offset.

PSFMap(psf_map[, exposure_map])

Class containing the Map of PSFs and allowing to interact with it.

RecoPSFMap(psf_map[, exposure_map])

Class containing the Map of PSFs in reconstructed energy and allowing to interact with it.

RadMax2D(axes[, data, unit, is_pointlike, ...])

2D Rad Max table.



Registry class.