gammapy.astro.population.add_pulsar_parameters(table, B_mean=12.05, B_stdv=0.55, P_mean=0.3, P_stdv=0.15, random_state='random-seed')[source]#

Add pulsar parameters to the table.

For the initial normal distribution of period and logB is given with the default values.

B_meanfloat, optional

The mean magnetic field. Default is 12.05 (log Gauss).

B_stdvfloat, optional

The standard deviation magnetic field. Default is 0.55.

P_meanfloat, optional

The mean period. Default is 0.3 (seconds).

P_stdvfloat, optional

The standard deviation period. Default is 0.15.

random_state{int, ‘random-seed’, ‘global-rng’, RandomState}

Defines random number generator initialisation. Passed to get_random_state.