gammapy.astro.population.make_base_catalog_galactic(n_sources, rad_dis='YK04', vel_dis='H05', max_age='1e6 yr', spiralarms=True, n_ISM='1 cm-3', random_state='random-seed')[source]#

Make a catalog of Galactic sources, with basic source parameters.

Choose a radial distribution, a velocity distribution, the number of sources n_sources and the maximum age max_age in years. If spiralarms is True a spiral arm modeling after Faucher&Kaspi is included.

max_age and n_sources effectively correspond to a SN rate: SN_rate = n_sources / max_age


Number of sources to simulate.

rad_discallable, optional

Radial surface density distribution of sources. Default is “YK04”.

vel_discallable, optional

Proper motion velocity distribution of sources. Default is “H05”.

max_ageQuantity, optional

Maximal age of the source. Default is “1e6 yr”.

spiralarmsbool, optional

Include a spiral arm model in the catalog. Default is True.

n_ISMQuantity, optional

Density of the interstellar medium. Default is “1 cm-3”.

random_state{int, ‘random-seed’, ‘global-rng’, RandomState}

Defines random number generator initialisation. Default is “random-state”. Passed to get_random_state.


Catalog of simulated source positions and proper velocities.