datasets - Reduced datasets#

gammapy.datasets Package#



Create a MapDataset, if energy axes, spatial width or bin size are not given they are determined automatically from the observation IRFs, but the estimated value cannot exceed the given limits.

create_map_dataset_geoms(geom[, ...])

Create map geometries for a MapDataset.



Dataset abstract base class.


Container class that holds a list of datasets.

FluxPointsDataset([models, data, mask_fit, ...])

Bundle a set of flux points with a parametric model, to compute fit statistic function using chi2 statistics.

MapDataset([models, counts, exposure, ...])

Main map dataset for likelihood fitting.

MapDatasetEventSampler([random_state, ...])

Sample events from a map dataset.

MapDatasetOnOff([models, counts, ...])

Map dataset for on-off likelihood fitting.

ObservationEventSampler([random_state, ...])

Sample event lists for a given observation and signal models.

OGIPDatasetWriter(filename[, format, ...])

Write OGIP files.

OGIPDatasetReader(filename[, checksum])

Read SpectrumDatasetOnOff from OGIP files.

SpectrumDataset([models, counts, exposure, ...])

Main dataset for spectrum fitting (1D analysis).

SpectrumDatasetOnOff([models, counts, ...])

Spectrum dataset for 1D on-off likelihood fitting.

MapDatasetMetaData(*, creation, obs_info, ...)

Metadata containing information about the Dataset.



Registry of dataset classes in Gammapy.