get_irfs_features#, energy_true, position=None, fixed_offset=None, names=None, containment_fraction=0.68, apply_standard_scaler=False)[source]#

Get features from IRFs properties at a given position. Used for observations clustering.


Container holding a list of Observation.


Energy true at which to compute the containment radius.

positionSkyCoord, optional

Sky position. Default is None.

fixed_offsetAngle, optional

Offset calculated from the pointing position. Default is None. If neither the position nor the fixed_offset is specified, it uses the position of the center of the map by default.

names{“edisp-bias”, “edisp-res”, “psf-radius”}

IRFs properties to be considered. Default is None. If None, all the features are computed.

containment_fractionfloat, optional

Containment_fraction to compute the psf-radius. Default is 68%.

apply_standard_scalerbool, optional

Compute standardize features by removing the mean and scaling to unit variance. Default is False.


Features table.