class gammapy.spectrum.SensitivityEstimator(arf, rmf, bkg, livetime, index=2.0, alpha=0.2, sigma=5.0, gamma_min=10.0, bkg_sys=0.05)[source]

Bases: object

Estimate differential sensitivity.

Uses a 1D spectral analysis and on / off measurement.

arf : EffectiveAreaTable

1D effective area

rmf : EnergyDispersion

energy dispersion table

bkg : CountsSpectrum

the background array

livetime : Quantity

Livetime (object with the units of time), e.g. 5*u.h

index : float, optional

Index of the spectral shape (Power-law), should be positive (>0)

alpha : float, optional

On/OFF normalisation

sigma : float, optional

Minimum significance

gamma_min : float, optional

Minimum number of gamma-rays

bkg_sys : float, optional

Fraction of Background systematics relative to the number of ON counts

An example can be found in :gp-notebook:`cta_sensitivity` .


This class allows to determine for each reconstructed energy bin the flux associated to the number of gamma-ray events for which the significance is sigma, and being larger than gamma_min and bkg_sys percent larger than the number of background events in the ON region.

Attributes Summary

results_table Results table (Table).

Methods Summary

run(self) Run the computation.

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Results table (Table).

Methods Documentation


Run the computation.