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# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
import numpy as np
import astropy.units as u
from astropy.visualization import quantity_support
from gammapy.maps import Map, MapAxis, MapCoord, WcsGeom
from gammapy.modeling.models import PowerLawSpectralModel
from gammapy.utils.gauss import Gauss2DPDF
from gammapy.utils.random import InverseCDFSampler, get_random_state
from ..core import IRFMap
from .core import PSF
from .kernel import PSFKernel

__all__ = ["PSFMap"]

class IRFLikePSF(PSF):
    required_axes = ["energy_true", "rad", "lat_idx", "lon_idx"]
    tag = "irf_like_psf"

[docs]class PSFMap(IRFMap): """Class containing the Map of PSFs and allowing to interact with it. Parameters ---------- psf_map : `~gammapy.maps.Map` the input PSF Map. Should be a Map with 2 non spatial axes. rad and true energy axes should be given in this specific order. exposure_map : `~gammapy.maps.Map` Associated exposure map. Needs to have a consistent map geometry. Examples -------- :: from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord from gammapy.maps import WcsGeom, MapAxis from import Observation from gammapy.irf import load_cta_irfs from gammapy.makers import MapDatasetMaker # Define observation pointing = SkyCoord("0d", "0d") irfs = load_cta_irfs("$GAMMAPY_DATA/cta-1dc/caldb/data/cta/1dc/bcf/South_z20_50h/irf_file.fits") obs = Observation.create(pointing=pointing, irfs=irfs, livetime="1h") # Create WcsGeom # Define energy axis. Note that the name is fixed. energy_axis = MapAxis.from_energy_bounds("0.1 TeV", "10 TeV", nbin=3, name="energy_true") # Define rad axis. Again note the axis name rad_axis = MapAxis.from_bounds(0, 0.5, nbin=100, name="rad", unit="deg") geom = WcsGeom.create( binsz=0.25, width="5 deg", skydir=pointing, axes=[rad_axis, energy_axis] ) maker = MapDatasetMaker() psf = maker.make_psf(geom=geom, observation=obs) # Get a PSF kernel at the center of the image geom=exposure_geom.upsample(factor=10).drop("rad") psf_kernel = psf_map.get_psf_kernel(geom=geom) """ tag = "psf_map" required_axes = ["rad", "energy_true"] def __init__(self, psf_map, exposure_map=None): super().__init__(irf_map=psf_map, exposure_map=exposure_map) @property def psf_map(self): return self._irf_map @psf_map.setter def psf_map(self, value): self._irf_map = value
[docs] def normalize(self): """Normalize PSF map""" self.psf_map.normalize(axis_name="rad")
[docs] @classmethod def from_geom(cls, geom): """Create psf map from geom. Parameters ---------- geom : `Geom` PSF map geometry. Returns ------- psf_map : `PSFMap` Point spread function map. """ geom_exposure = geom.squash(axis_name="rad") exposure_psf = Map.from_geom(geom_exposure, unit="m2 s") psf_map = Map.from_geom(geom, unit="sr-1") return cls(psf_map, exposure_psf)
# TODO: this is a workaround for now, probably add Map.integral() or similar @property def _psf_irf(self): geom = self.psf_map.geom npix_x, npix_y = geom.npix axis_lon = MapAxis.from_edges(np.arange(npix_x + 1) - 0.5, name="lon_idx") axis_lat = MapAxis.from_edges(np.arange(npix_y + 1) - 0.5, name="lat_idx") return IRFLikePSF( axes=[geom.axes["energy_true"], geom.axes["rad"], axis_lat, axis_lon],, unit=self.psf_map.unit, ) def _get_irf_coords(self, **kwargs): coords = MapCoord.create(kwargs) geom = self.psf_map.geom.to_image() lon_pix, lat_pix = geom.coord_to_pix(coords.skycoord) coords_irf = { "lon_idx": lon_pix, "lat_idx": lat_pix, "energy_true": coords["energy_true"], } try: coords_irf["rad"] = coords["rad"] except KeyError: pass return coords_irf
[docs] def containment(self, rad, energy_true, position=None): """Containment at given coords Parameters ---------- rad : `~astropy.units.Quantity` Rad value energy_true : `~astropy.units.Quantity` Energy true value position : `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord` Sky position. By default the center of the map is chosen Returns ------- containment : `~astropy.units.Quantity` Containment values """ if position is None: position = self.psf_map.geom.center_skydir coords = {"skycoord": position, "rad": rad, "energy_true": energy_true} return self.psf_map.integral(axis_name="rad", coords=coords).to("")
[docs] def containment_radius(self, fraction, energy_true, position=None): """Containment at given coords Parameters ---------- fraction : float Containment fraction energy_true : `~astropy.units.Quantity` Energy true value position : `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord` Sky position. By default the center of the map is chosen Returns ------- containment : `~astropy.units.Quantity` Containment values """ if position is None: position = self.psf_map.geom.center_skydir coords = self._get_irf_coords(energy_true=energy_true, skycoord=position) return self._psf_irf.containment_radius(fraction, **coords)
[docs] def containment_radius_map(self, energy_true, fraction=0.68): """Containment radius map. Parameters ---------- energy_true : `~astropy.units.Quantity` Energy at which to compute the containment radius fraction : float Containment fraction (range: 0 to 1) Returns ------- containment_radius_map : `~gammapy.maps.Map` Containment radius map """ geom = self.psf_map.geom.to_image() data = self.containment_radius( fraction=fraction, energy_true=energy_true, position=geom.get_coord().skycoord, ) return Map.from_geom(geom=geom, data=data.value, unit=data.unit)
[docs] def get_psf_kernel( self, geom, position=None, max_radius=None, containment=0.999, factor=4 ): """Returns a PSF kernel at the given position. The PSF is returned in the form a WcsNDMap defined by the input Geom. Parameters ---------- geom : `~gammapy.maps.Geom` Target geometry to use position : `~astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord` Target position. Should be a single coordinate. By default the center position is used. max_radius : `~astropy.coordinates.Angle` maximum angular size of the kernel map containment : float Containment fraction to use as size of the kernel. The max. radius across all energies is used. The radius can be overwritten using the `max_radius` argument. factor : int oversampling factor to compute the PSF Returns ------- kernel : `~gammapy.irf.PSFKernel` the resulting kernel """ # TODO: try to the oversampling needed? if position is None: position = self.psf_map.geom.center_skydir position = self._get_nearest_valid_position(position) if max_radius is None: energy_axis = self.psf_map.geom.axes["energy_true"] radii = self.containment_radius( fraction=containment, position=position, ) max_radius = np.max(radii) geom = geom.to_odd_npix(max_radius=max_radius) geom_upsampled = geom.upsample(factor=factor) coords = geom_upsampled.get_coord(sparse=True) rad = coords.skycoord.separation(geom.center_skydir) coords = { "energy_true": coords["energy_true"], "rad": rad, "skycoord": position, } data = self.psf_map.interp_by_coord( coords=coords, method="linear", ) kernel_map = Map.from_geom(geom=geom_upsampled, data=np.clip(data, 0, np.inf)) kernel_map = kernel_map.downsample(factor, preserve_counts=True) return PSFKernel(kernel_map, normalize=True)
[docs] def sample_coord(self, map_coord, random_state=0): """Apply PSF corrections on the coordinates of a set of simulated events. Parameters ---------- map_coord : `~gammapy.maps.MapCoord` object. Sequence of coordinates and energies of sampled events. random_state : {int, 'random-seed', 'global-rng', `~numpy.random.RandomState`} Defines random number generator initialisation. Passed to `~gammapy.utils.random.get_random_state`. Returns ------- corr_coord : `~gammapy.maps.MapCoord` object. Sequence of PSF-corrected coordinates of the input map_coord map. """ random_state = get_random_state(random_state) rad_axis = self.psf_map.geom.axes["rad"] coord = { "skycoord": map_coord.skycoord.reshape(-1, 1), "energy_true": map_coord["energy_true"].reshape(-1, 1), "rad":, } pdf = ( self.psf_map.interp_by_coord(coord) * * rad_axis.bin_width.value ) sample_pdf = InverseCDFSampler(pdf, axis=1, random_state=random_state) pix_coord = sample_pdf.sample_axis() separation = rad_axis.pix_to_coord(pix_coord) position_angle = random_state.uniform(360, size=len(map_coord.lon)) * u.deg event_positions = map_coord.skycoord.directional_offset_by( position_angle=position_angle, separation=separation ) return MapCoord.create( {"skycoord": event_positions, "energy_true": map_coord["energy_true"]} )
[docs] @classmethod def from_gauss(cls, energy_axis_true, rad_axis=None, sigma=0.1 * u.deg, geom=None): """Create all -sky PSF map from Gaussian width. This is used for testing and examples. The width can be the same for all energies or be an array with one value per energy node. It does not depend on position. Parameters ---------- energy_axis_true : `~gammapy.maps.MapAxis` True energy axis. rad_axis : `~gammapy.maps.MapAxis` Offset angle wrt source position axis. sigma : `~astropy.coordinates.Angle` Gaussian width. geom : `Geom` Image geometry. By default an allsky geometry is created. Returns ------- psf_map : `PSFMap` Point spread function map. """ from import RAD_AXIS_DEFAULT if rad_axis is None: rad_axis = RAD_AXIS_DEFAULT.copy() if geom is None: geom = WcsGeom.create( npix=(2, 1), proj="CAR", binsz=180, ) geom = geom.to_cube([rad_axis, energy_axis_true]) coords = geom.get_coord(sparse=True) sigma = u.Quantity(sigma).reshape((-1, 1, 1, 1)) gauss = Gauss2DPDF(sigma=sigma) data = gauss(coords["rad"]) * np.ones(geom.data_shape) psf_map = Map.from_geom(geom=geom, data=data.to_value("sr-1"), unit="sr-1") exposure_map = Map.from_geom( geom=geom.squash(axis_name="rad"), unit="m2 s", data=1.0 ) return cls(psf_map=psf_map, exposure_map=exposure_map)
[docs] def to_image(self, spectrum=None, keepdims=True): """Reduce to a 2-D map after weighing with the associated exposure and a spectrum Parameters ---------- spectrum : `~gammapy.modeling.models.SpectralModel`, optional Spectral model to compute the weights. Default is power-law with spectral index of 2. keepdims : bool, optional If True, the energy axis is kept with one bin. If False, the axis is removed Returns ------- psf_out : `PSFMap` `PSFMap` with the energy axis summed over """ from gammapy.makers.utils import _map_spectrum_weight if spectrum is None: spectrum = PowerLawSpectralModel(index=2.0) exp_weighed = _map_spectrum_weight(self.exposure_map, spectrum) exposure = exp_weighed.sum_over_axes( axes_names=["energy_true"], keepdims=keepdims ) psf_data = * / psf_map = Map.from_geom(geom=self.psf_map.geom, data=psf_data, unit="sr-1") psf = psf_map.sum_over_axes(axes_names=["energy_true"], keepdims=keepdims) return self.__class__(psf_map=psf, exposure_map=exposure)
[docs] def plot_containment_radius_vs_energy( self, ax=None, fraction=(0.68, 0.95), **kwargs ): """Plot containment fraction as a function of energy. The method plots the containment radius at the center of the map. Parameters ---------- ax : `~matplotlib.pyplot.Axes` Axes to plot on. fraction : list of float or `~numpy.ndarray` Containment fraction between 0 and 1. **kwargs : dict Keyword arguments passed to `~matplotlib.pyplot.plot` Returns ------- ax : `~matplotlib.pyplot.Axes` Axes to plot on. """ import matplotlib.pyplot as plt ax = plt.gca() if ax is None else ax position = self.psf_map.geom.center_skydir energy_true = self.psf_map.geom.axes["energy_true"].center for frac in fraction: radius = self.containment_radius( energy_true=energy_true, position=position, fraction=frac ) label = f"Containment: {100 * frac:.1f}%" with quantity_support(): ax.plot(energy_true, radius, label=label, **kwargs) ax.semilogx() ax.legend(loc="best") ax.set_xlabel(f"Energy ({ax.xaxis.units})") ax.set_ylabel(f"Containment radius ({ax.yaxis.units})") return ax
[docs] def plot_psf_vs_rad(self, ax=None, energy_true=[0.1, 1, 10] * u.TeV, **kwargs): """Plot PSF vs radius. The method plots the profile at the center of the map. Parameters ---------- ax : `~matplotlib.pyplot.Axes` Axes to plot on. energy_true : `~astropy.units.Quantity` Energies where to plot the PSF. **kwargs : dict Keyword arguments pass to `~matplotlib.pyplot.plot`. Returns ------- ax : `~matplotlib.pyplot.Axes` Axes to plot on. """ import matplotlib.pyplot as plt ax = plt.gca() if ax is None else ax rad = self.psf_map.geom.axes["rad"].center for value in energy_true: psf_value = self.psf_map.interp_by_coord( { "skycoord": self.psf_map.geom.center_skydir, "energy_true": value, "rad": rad, } ) label = f"{value:.0f}" with quantity_support(): ax.plot(rad, psf_value, label=label, **kwargs) ax.set_yscale("log") ax.set_xlabel(f"Rad ({ax.xaxis.units})") ax.set_ylabel(f"PSF ({ax.yaxis.units})") plt.legend() return ax
def __str__(self): return str(self.psf_map)