Astrophysical source models (gammapy.astro.source)


The gammapy.astro.source module contains classes of source models, which can be used for population synthesis of galactic gamma-ray sources.

Getting started

TODO: add basic example.


gammapy.astro.source Package

Astrophysical source models.


PWN([pulsar, snr, eta_e, eta_B, morphology, age])

Simple pulsar wind nebula (PWN) evolution model.

Pulsar([P_0, B, n, I, R, age, L_0])

Magnetic dipole spin-down pulsar model.

SNR([e_sn, theta, n_ISM, m_ejecta, t_stop, …])

Simple supernova remnant (SNR) evolution model.

SNRTrueloveMcKee(*args, **kwargs)

SNR model according to Truelove & McKee (1999).

SimplePulsar(P, P_dot[, I, R])

Magnetic dipole spin-down model for a pulsar.