class gammapy.data.PointingMode(value)[source]#

Bases: Enum

Describes the behavior of the pointing during the observation.


For ground-based instruments, the most common options will be: * POINTING: The telescope observes a fixed position in the ICRS frame * DRIFT: The telescope observes a fixed position in the alt-az frame

Gammapy only supports fixed pointing positions over the whole observation (either in equatorial or horizontal coordinates). OGIP also defines RASTER, SLEW and SCAN. These cannot be treated using a fixed pointing position in either frame, so they would require the pointing table, which is at the moment not supported by gammapy.

Data releases based on gadf v0.2 do not have consistent OBS_MODE keyword e.g. the H.E.S.S. data releases uses the not-defined value “WOBBLE”. For all gadf data, we assume OBS_MODE to be the same as “POINTING”, unless it is set to “DRIFT”, making the assumption that one observation only contains a single fixed position.

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DRIFT = 2#