maps - Sky maps#

gammapy.maps Package#

Sky maps.


containment_radius(map_[, fraction, position])

Compute containment radius from a position in a map

containment_region(map_[, fraction, apply_union])

Find the iso-contours region corresponding to a given containment



Map geometry base class.

HpxGeom(nside[, nest, frame, region, axes])

Geometry class for HEALPix maps.

HpxMap(geom, data[, meta, unit])

Base class for HEALPIX map classes.

HpxNDMap(geom[, data, dtype, meta, unit])

HEALPix map with any number of non-spatial dimensions.

LabelMapAxis(labels[, name])

Map axis using labels.

Map(geom, data[, meta, unit])

Abstract map class.

MapAxes(axes[, n_spatial_axes])

MapAxis container class.

MapAxis(nodes[, interp, name, node_type, ...])

Class representing an axis of a map.

MapCoord(data[, frame, match_by_name])

Represents a sequence of n-dimensional map coordinates.


A Dictionary containing Map objects sharing the same geometry.

RegionGeom(region[, axes, wcs, binsz_wcs])

Map geometry representing a region on the sky.

RegionNDMap(geom[, data, dtype, meta, unit])

N-dimensional region map.

TimeMapAxis(edges_min, edges_max, reference_time)

Class representing a time axis.

WcsGeom(wcs[, npix, cdelt, crpix, axes])

Geometry class for WCS maps.

WcsMap(geom, data[, meta, unit])

Base class for WCS map classes.

WcsNDMap(geom[, data, dtype, meta, unit])

WCS map with any number of non-spatial dimensions.