gammapy.visualization.plot_npred_signal(dataset, ax=None, model_names=None, region=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot the energy distribution of predicted counts of a selection of models assigned to a dataset.

The background and the sum af all the considered models predicted counts are plotted on top of individual contributions of the considered models.

datasetan instance of MapDataset

The dataset from which to plot the npred_signal.

axAxes, optional

Axis object to plot on. Default is None.

model_nameslist of str, optional

The list of models for which the npred_signal is plotted. Default is None. If None, all models are considered.

regionRegion or SkyCoord, optional

Region used to reproject predicted counts. Default is None. If None, use the full dataset geometry.


Keyword arguments to pass to plot.


Axis object.