gammapy.visualization.plot_spectrum_datasets_off_regions(datasets, ax=None, legend=None, legend_kwargs=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot the off regions of spectrum datasets.

datasetsDatasets or list of SpectrumDatasetOnOff

List of spectrum on-off datasets.

axWCSAxes, optional

Axes object to plot on. Default is None.

legendbool, optional

Whether to add/display the labels of the off regions in a legend. By default True if len(datasets) <= 10. Default is None.

legend_kwargsdict, optional

Keyword arguments used in matplotlib.axes.Axes.legend. The handler_map cannot be overridden. Default is None.


Keyword arguments used in gammapy.maps.RegionNDMap.plot_region. Can contain a Cycler in a prop_cycle argument.


Properties from the prop_cycle have maximum priority, except color, edgecolor/color is selected from the sources below in this order: kwargs["edgecolor"], kwargs["prop_cycle"], matplotlib.rcParams["axes.prop_cycle"] matplotlib.rcParams["patch.edgecolor"], matplotlib.rcParams["patch.facecolor"] is never used.


Plot without legend and with thick circles:

plot_spectrum_datasets_off_regions(datasets, ax, legend=False, linewidth=2.5)

Plot to visualise the overlap of off regions:

plot_spectrum_datasets_off_regions(datasets, ax, alpha=0.3, facecolor='black')

Plot that cycles through colors (edgecolor) and line styles together:

plot_spectrum_datasets_off_regions(datasets, ax, prop_cycle=plt.cycler(color=list('rgb'), ls=['--', '-', ':']))  # noqa: E501

Plot that uses a modified rcParams, has two legend columns, static and dynamic colors, but only shows labels for datasets1 and datasets2. Note that legend_kwargs only applies if it’s given in the last function call with legend=True:

plt.rc('legend', columnspacing=1, fontsize=9)
plot_spectrum_datasets_off_regions(datasets1, ax, legend=True, edgecolor='cyan')
plot_spectrum_datasets_off_regions(datasets2, ax, legend=True, legend_kwargs=dict(ncol=2))
plot_spectrum_datasets_off_regions(datasets3, ax, legend=False, edgecolor='magenta')